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The Origin of the Society

In 1970, R.L. and Leona Hill and Dorr and Gladys Wiltse discussed the possibility of finding a place where the historic artifacts and records of the area could be preserved. Their thoughts naturally centered on the old Juniata Township Hall in Watrousville. In 1971 they met with the Juniata Township Board and found them receptive to allowing them to use the facility as a museum. The building, erected in 1864 and having on its premises the Lincoln Flagpole, also erected in 1864, seemed to be a logical location. An informal meeting of interested persons was held at the old Town Hall in Watrousville and R.L. Hill was appointed temporary chairperson. A committee was appointed to draft a set of by-laws. After additional informal meetings, an organizational meeting was called for September 12, 1972. The by-laws were adopted and the officers were elected. The Juniata Township Board then granted the Society a long-term lease to use the old Town Hall as a museum and headquarters. The society is now incorporated and affiliated with the Historical Society of Michigan. Recently the society became 501c3 non-profit status. Donations are now Tax Deductible.

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The Watrousville-Caro Area Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization.
Each donation is tax deductible and on request, is acknowledged with a “tax letter” acceptable to the IRS.